Man Proposes, God Disposes

Man Proposed, God Disposes (click here to see my flipgrid) 

Miroslav Kosek, Hanus Lowy

Who was helpless back in Prague,
And who was rich before,
He’s a poor soul here in Terezin,

His body’s bruised and sore.
Who was toughened up before,
He’ll survive these days.
But who was used to servants,

Will sink into his grave.

My poem is about a man who became sad and heartless. He was 
once happy and rich.

What I learned from my butterfly project is that the man used to be 
tough end up and happy. But when the holocaust started he started 
to get weaker/depressed/sadness. I also learned that all Jews were sad and had a poor soul because of the way the bad people were treating them. This made me feel very sad because the Jews didn’t deserve this and they didn’t get a chance to live a happy life they wanted it to be. I learned that he used to have serpents in his happy life which that shows a sign of happiness.


  1. So in the tree part is a person sleeping or dead 💀🤔

  2. Something I learned from your poem is how somebody is Poor And then something happens and the man gets rich. Something I liked about your butterfly is that you put the rich and the put some poor things to represent the man.

  3. Even though we have the same poem there were a few things you drew letting me learn something like the cloud. You had an imagery that the the word “poor” could also mean rain because it is something that happens when someone is alone.

  4. Something I like about your butterfly is the pictures you drew.

  5. Something I like about your poem is that you were really creative with it I like how the butterfly is sad.

  6. Something I liked about your butterfly was how you put a tear representing the sadness in the poem

  7. I don’t understand the rich and poor part

  8. I like it when you put someone that was rich then became poor because during the holocaust people had money then they lost money .

  9. You did a really nice job, Gitzell! You were very thoughtful in making your butterfly!


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