Book blog quarter 3

My book from quarter 3 is Dog Man; A Tale of Two Kittens. The author of this book is Dav Pilkey. The genre of this book is a Graphic Novel. The problem of the story is that the evil cat wanted a clone of him self but big and good looking but then it turns out the clone is a baby cat. The main characters are Dog man, evil cat, baby cat, and the chief. The setting takes place in the police station. This book is worth reading because it is action and it’s funny. My favorite part of this story is when the evil cat abandons the baby cat and the baby cat thinks the evil cat will come back for him. But it turns out the evil cat didn’t. Then, the evil cat regrets abandoning the baby cat so he goes back to where he was and finds out the bay cat isn’t there. This is my favorite part of the story because the evil cat gets sad and wants the baby cat back. Read this book and find out where the baby cat chad gone or who took the baby cat.


  1. I love how you shared your favorite part. seems like it gets at emotions a bit, too, right? Glad it was funny as well. I read the first, but not this one!

  2. I might read this book right after I finish the book I’m reading right now. I find it interesting how an evil cat regrets leaving the baby cat.


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