SOL#8 funny moment in exel

So yesterday in excel, after the rally, I went to sit down and I was sitting between two of my friends. Their names are Giana and Jasmin. When I went to sit down I was fasting front and Jasmin was holding my chair pretending she was going to push it but then when I was about to sit...Jasmin pulled the chair and I had fallen down and hit my head on the chair. My teacher, Mr. Bertoletti, saw but was just standing there and about to laugh but he didn’t. Then I got mad at Jasmin because everyone saw and it was embarrassing. But two minutes later I got over it and stopped being mad at her. My other friend Giana was laughing hard and we were so loud. That’s it lol it was really funny but I got kinda mad. (Also I don’t have a pic.)

SOL#7 What I did in excel after I finished PARCC

So today 3-15-18 was another day of PARCC testing. It was the last day of ELA PARCC testing. To be honest it was easy. So after I was finished with it, me and Jasmin had colored a work sheet two days ago. We’ve been coloring it two days ago and yesterday after we finished our PARCC test. Today we finished it. I’ll show a picture of how it turned out. I will also show Jasmin’s coloring sheet. So Ill show it right now.

SOL#6 What I did on Sunday (3-12-18)

On Sunday (3-12-18) I went to safari land. It was so fun that I didn’t even want to leave. We left around 8:00. We went there because it was going to be a surprise for my 2 little brothers, since my dad is always at work and we don’t get to go to fun places that much. First, we ate there instead of eating at mother place. We ate pizza and got coke. Then, we went to go to the rides. Me and my two sisters were always together on the rides. We didn’t pay games because we thought it was boring so we just got on rides. The first ride I went on was the bumper cars with my 6 year old brother (Eddie). We got on like 3 times. Then after that I went on the one where is spins and u get in this thing only with three people in. I forgot what it’s called but it was sooo fun that I got on 8 or 7 times with my 2sisters, 2 brothers, and my parents. I also got and icee after getting on some of the rides. Then, the last ride I went on was a roller coaster. It wasn’t that scary but my 3 year old brother …

SOL#5 Feel better Ms. Brezek

Today Ms. Brezek didn’t come to school because she was sick. I hope she feels better. She helps us on things and this is why I would write to her because she’s my favorite teacher. I’m writing this blog today during class because, one, I can’t take my iPad home, and two, I miss Ms. Brezek. But anyways I hope u feel better and come back to school next week. This is it for my blog. I have to go bye. FEEL BETTER MS. BREZEK!

SOLD #4 My thought about gun shooting in Florida

My thought about the Gun shooting in Florida is that it’s pretty sad and emotional to those families who have lost their loved ones. I’m truly sorry to those who have lost a family member in the shooting or even in car crashes, suicidal, etc. I’m very sad and scared even here in America because anyone can possible come in to my school and start shooting and I don’t want that to happen and lose my friends or other students in this school. :( I just wanted to share this to those who are scared or are sad about what happened.

SOL #3 favorite hobbies/ things to do

One of my favorite thing to do/ hobbies is to play volleyball with my friends. Two of my friends (frida and Julie) joined the girls Varsity volleyball team. I wanted to join but I don’t play volleyball that good and I didn’t want to embarrass myself when I miss the ball or hit it the other way or disappoint my team if we lose b/c of me. I also like playing basketball a little bit. I stopped playing basketball because I think volleyball is my new favorite sport. I even used to be in girls basketball intermeral. All my friends were in it except one of my friends named Kayla. She doesn’t participate it clubs because she’s in a program at freedom so she can’t be in any clubs atm(at the moment). My last favorite thing to do is play soccer with my little brother. I’m not that good at soccer but I still play with my little brother and try to get better. So this is it for my favorite hobbies. What are your favorite things to do/hobbies?

SOL #2 The day I went on vacation

Last year in 6th grade I had went to Mexico during school. This was around September or October. The part of Mexico I went to was Zacatecas, La Gavia. I had gone to Mexico with my 2 parents(Veronica and Octavio), 2 sisters(Alexis and Jocelyn), and my 2 brothers(Eddie and Leo). We have a dog, named Lola, but we couldn’t take her. So we left her with my dads cousin and his wife and kids. When we got there we had to unpack and after that we went to Jerez(a place where there’s a lot of shops and restaurants) and we went to walk and eat. When we got back home we had a party that day. Also we went to Mexico for vacation because every year we do a parade and represent Jesus and walk around La Gavia. But we were also ther for parties. Every day we would have to wake up at 8 or 9 and clean up and do chores then we would go to eat at Jerez and also shop. Not everyday but some days where we weren’t busy. I stayed at Mexico for 2 in a half weeks. I got tired there cp s ause we had to wake up earl…